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John N. John has become known throughout the bulk transportation industry as the leader in the development and implementation of technology to safely transport temperature sensitive products, specifically Elevated Temperature Materials.

John N. John's approach to solving the age-old problem of maintaining product temperature from the point of origin to the final destination has led to the development of the JNJ EHT and EHV trailers.

The John N. John EHT Tank Trailers are equipped with electrical heaters that enshroud the entire underside of the tank trailer. This state-of-the-art heating system is surrounded with an extreme insulation package that can thermostatically control product temperatures from 100-500� F. Our EHT series trailers are powered by on-board generators, which allow for in-transit heat and on-site shore power capabilities, all of which make it self-sufficient and ideal for portable product storage. John N John's EHT tank trailers are also retrofitted with an electrically heated unloading valve (EHV). The EHV was specifically designed by John N. John to eliminate the safety hazard of a plugged unloading valve. These independently heated valves virtually eliminate product plugs and offer immediate off-loading.

Whatever the product (polyolefin, resin, wax, etc.), temperature (100-500� F), or requirement (on-time or expedited delivery), John N. John possesses the technology, equipment, personnel, to safely fulfill your bulk shipping requirements.

The John N. John EHT and EHV Advantages:

    Thermostatically controlled for constant product temperature during shipment

    Immediate unloading, eliminating the safety hazard of steaming a plugged valve

    Costly product heels are miniminal

    Electrical shore power for portable plant site storage

    Temperature rated up to 500º F

    Ideally suited for trial shipments

    Air-off and pumping cabailities